Monday, October 3, 2011

Mondays with Martha

Today's Mondays with Martha is sort of a three-for-one. The Martha project is actually something you might choose to do if you're in a crafty sort of a mood, it'll include some pictures of my weekend, and hopefully it'll give you an organizing project to tackle this week. Here we go.

Martha is here to offer you directions on this little child's purse, made out of repurposed pants.

Your kids might enjoy it, although in my house the last thing I need is another purse to hang behind the girls' door.

This last weekend I went out with girlfriends (it was oh, so fabulous!!!!), and at the end of our dinner out we rifled through our purses to see who had the most ridiculous item. I had a pair of socks that I had used when I went shoe shopping last weekend, but failed to get a picture of it.

Leah had an impressive collection of lipsticks.

Arlene had quite a few granola bars hidden in her purse.

But the real winners (is that the right word?) were Kate, with her acorns--which were not terribly recent, she admitted . . .

and Lanae, with her goggles (she also had full-size scissors, which came in handy for cutting off the ripped lining in Karin's lipstick holder).

So, let this be encouragement to get out your purse and de-clutter it this week. You never know what treasures you may find. Come back and post your most unusual item!

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  1. Until recently, I, too, was carrying around a pair of goggles:-) Now I just have my husband's glasses(??), a pair of boys' socks, a dinosaur and a fascinating collection of toy cars! But, I now know that if I am ever famished at church, I just need to find Arlene:-)

    Martha's purses are just darling, BTW...but I agree--no space for one more purse in my girl's room!