Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Word of Thanks

We went to our first high school choir concert this week, and were blown away by the repertoire and talent of these kids. When we were in high school we sang pop music with a few slightly more serious pieces thrown in here and there. These kids were singing real music, pieces with poetry and depth and musical texture. Some of it was even overtly Christian.

So when we got home, I wrote a quick email to the choir director thanking her for choosing such great music. Because if we don't thank people when we are pleased with their work, how will they know that we like what they are doing? A timely note of thanks is not only a kind encouragement, it also keeps people moving in the same direction. Which is especially important in a public school, when others may be criticizing the very things we are so happy with.

The next evening I mentioned to my husband that I had written a nice note to the choir director. He smiled and said, "I did too." So now either we look like we never talk to one another, or like we are on some kind of a campaign.

How about you? Who could use a little note of thanks from you today?

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