Friday, February 10, 2012

Top 10 Things Your Wife Doesn't Want for Valentine's Day

Once a couple has been married for a few years, it's easy for the gifts to get more and more practical, and less and less romantic. Valentine's Day is not a good time for the practical to win out over the romantic. Take for example these gift ideas, which have been tested, tried, and found wanting*:

10) Clothes a size or two larger than she wears.

9) A kitchen appliance--a new blender may be nice, but it isn't terribly romantic.

8) New tires for the car.

7) Any sort of exercise equipment: "To help you meet your New Year's resolution to lose weight."

6) Tickets to see your favorite band, unless it is also her favorite band.

5) A book on "How to Understand Your Husband"--unless you are reading the companion book about understanding your wife.

4) A vacuum cleaner.

3) A cookbook: "Honey, I was thinking maybe you need a little help with your cooking."

2) Repairs for a  household appliance: Go ahead and get it fixed, but don't call it her Valentine's Day present. Spring for a box of chocolates or some flowers.

1) A hoodie-footie, even if it is in a pretty valentine print. The sister product, forever lazy, is also not a good idea.

* Just for the record, my husband does pretty well with gift-giving. He's only given me a few of the things on this list, and I don't think any of them were for Valentine's Day.

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