Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tips for a Happy Marriage #4

My favorite married couple has been married somewhere around 25 years. They've had some hard things come into their lives in those 25 years. But I tell you what, they have a great sense of humor about life. They are able to laugh about those days where nothing is going right. The kind of days when the dishwasher breaks, spreading water all over the floor, and a child throws up in the next room while they're cleaning up mess #1. They laugh together about the fact that it takes the husband a week to notice the wife's new haircut. Somehow they rise above the moment, gain a long-term perspective, and see what's funny about a bad situation.

So here's marriage tip #4: laugh together. a lot.
Laugh at the goodness of life when things are going well. Store up happiness.

Laugh even when things aren't so good. Watch a ridiculously funny movie if you have to, but find something to laugh about.

Laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation when you're trying to fix the washing machine together and you can't get the last screw out.

Laugh together when one of you makes a meal that is just terrible.

Laugh when you can't carry on a conversation in the car because your kids are yelling in the backseat.

Find something to laugh about when you're in the middle of an argument--it really diffuses the situation! My husband is so good at this, and though it used to aggravate me, I've come to appreciate what a gift this is.

Laugh when your car breaks and your computer breaks and your dishwasher breaks--all in the same week.

Laugh about the past.

Laugh about the future.

Laugh about your differences and misunderstandings (when the heat of the moment has passed).

Laugh because life is hard, and the only way to get through it is to have a good sense of humor.

The key here is that you're laughing together, facing life hand in hand. You're not laughing at one another, as though you were on different sides of the issue. You're working as a team to enjoy the good things God has given you. And it makes life so much more fun in the process!

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