Monday, December 16, 2013

A Poem for My Publishing Friends

Editor Emma and Publisher Paige        
By Alison Taylor, 2013

Editor Emma and Publisher Paige
Worked very hard for a very small wage.
Day after day, hour after hour,
They worked on the books, gave the sentences power.

Editor Emma told Publisher Paige
“We can’t work this hard for this small a wage.”
But Publisher Paige just told Editor Emma,
“I really don’t care, it’s a tiny dilemma.”

Then Editor Emma got really upset.
“You can work this hard, but this you’ll regret!”
But Publisher Paige just shrugged and said, “Fine.
I need this job, it’s my place to shine.”

Editor Emma just stormed out the door,
Leaving footprints all over Paige’s office floor.
But Publisher Paige didn’t stay for a minute,
She kept doing her work for a time infinite.

So in the end, Miss Paige had a job.
But Picky old Emma could only sob.
Homeless and moneyless (she didn’t get paid),
She was regretful instead of Paige.

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