Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Birthday Cake for a King

I know many people who make a birthday cake for Jesus on or around Christmas. While I've always liked the idea, I've never done it because I prefer cookies to cake, and there are always plenty of those around. But this year I'm going to make one. Keri has a wonderful tradition I'm going to adopt for our family.

Each year she sets out a jar, and anytime someone in the family does something kind for someone else, a birthday candle goes into the jar. When Christmas Eve arrives, the birthday candles in the jar are put on Jesus' birthday cake.
The girls were delighted last night because when I came home from the store with the birthday candles and introduced the idea, they had just cleaned their room without being asked and I told them that definitely counted as doing something kind for Mom. Instant success!


  1. good idea! Wonder if that will be inspiration for a 2 year old... hmmm.

  2. Pastor Stewart had a funny monologue one year about the year his Mom put out a manger--when they did a nice deed, a piece of straw went in. He tried real hard, oldest child, and put straw in. His middle brother, guilt-complexed, took straw out when he did a naughty deed, and more for good measure, and his sister, the youngest, either didn't care or put some in for good measure just in case there were things she forgot. The point was probably about the undeserved mercy of Jesus as our incarnate God, sacrifice for our sin we can in no way earn, but we had such a good laugh on birth order and approach to these things. Enjoy your Happy Birthday Jesus Cake. Sounds like a winner :) MB