Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Morning: Keeping It Real

Here is what my five-year-old wore to church this morning.
Note the tattoos on his arms, which he applied using a stamp after I tucked him in last night. And if he seems confused about the season, you really can't blame him because it was 46 degrees a few nights ago and 85 last week.

Here is what the three-year-old wore to church this morning.
Now guess which one I helped dress, and which one I didn't see until we got out of the car at church.


  1. I love the Hawaiian shirt look--I have no problem with his clothing choices :-)

  2. The shirt is okay, but the winter boots seem like a slightly odd choice to go with it.

  3. This seems completely normal to me, Nancy. Once I let Seth go as Buzz Lightyear, so maybe I have a different standard. One of the blessings about letting your kids dress themselves, in general, is that they develop a fondness for dressing up on their own, and don't fight it. My boys love to dress up now :) Occasionally one of them has to be reminded to change out of his hankie-shirt, but this is a reflection on the misery of allergies more than his choice of outfits. Way to go to not worry, though :) MB