Wednesday, May 9, 2012

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday: Scrapbooking

This is why I scrapbook . . . because every year or so the kids take them out and pore over them saying things like, "Did I really say that?" and "Oh, I remember that!" Family memories are worth every penny I spend on these books and every hour I spend agonizing over them. I declare June scrapbooking month around here (because it ain't gonna happen in May). I figure once the kids are out of school they can take care of themselves while I get crafty. Who's with me?

And the other reason to make scrapbooks is to have a way to save pictures like this for posterity:

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  1. I envy you your scrapbooks, Nancy, but I am not a scrapbook person in this house with these kids. So I have keepsake boxes, and we have reams of cell-phone photography on our computer, for "some day." Hopefully they know they're loved when they crawl in and out of our bed, when we anoint them with holy oil at night for bed, and when we try to do the next parenting thing. I have minimal books for some of them :) I do love their sweet faces though. Thanks for the post....someday...I'll show up at your house in June at 7:00 and take over your scrap book room :) MB